, Oak Ridge

, Tennessee

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-23 8:52:16
“I’m fairly young but got into the hobby 4 years ago due to health issues. The freedom FPV flight has given me has been unrivaled. In learning how to build and fly I have acquired new skills, studied new fields of interest and kept up with regulations along the way. I have made friends I never would’ve met before, found excitement in mundane places and it has brought about an inner peace during flight where I can focus on the moment and live in it. FPV and the model aviation hobby as i know it is the glue that keeps this me together and engaged in the many disciplines the hobby encompasses. The proposed rules regarding NPRM/ Remote ID will effectively kill the hobby and take away the glue that keeps many of us pilots together. It will eliminate the places that we have available to fly and guarantees no more places to fly become available in the future. It will take away the fun, education and reward many of us get from building our own aircraft (STEM students will suffer). It will places an insurmountable barrier to entry into the hobby with over the top restrictions on components. It will effectively kill the hobby. All of this is done under the guise of safety but seems to make nothing safe and nothing fun and seems to center around folks not actually consulting people within the hobby and making no effort to curb the number of deaths or injuries that actually take place in regular aviation. This hobby has given me a chance to go outside and do something and be something with other like minded people who have walked the same path I have in learning the ins and ours of the hobby and it has truly been a labor of love I do not want taken away.”