, Savannah

, Georgia

, United States

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2020-02-26 17:37:33
“I have only been flying FPV for a year and a half. It has given me an outlet for dealing with stress and anxiety, that medication has not been successful at fully helping. When I am flying FPV, the focus and freedom that comes with it, calms my mind to levels that I haven’t felt in years. It has helped me in relationships with my father, son and wife, and is partially responsible for saving my marriage. To take that away from someone would be a crime in itself. There has to be a better way to approach the concerns of the FAA. Simply eliminating a hobby cannot be the answer. Thousands of people, like myself, use this as an outlet for so much. To implement this rule, as it is written, would silence so many creative voices, innovative minds, and destroy many small businesses. The innovations that comes from this hobby have driven aeronautics for decades. Had it not been for RC aviation, Neil Armstrong may have never set foot on the moon. He was an avid RC pilot which led him to his interest in flight, and ultimately the Apollo 11 flight. Imagine if someone had killed that dream before it ever had a chance to blossom. My son, now 6, wants to be a pilot like my father, when he grows up, all because we share time flying FPV “drones”. How many children are no longer going to become the engineers that further flight, all because there is no hobby to get them started. I understand the want for safer airspace, but the track record shows that this is a safe hobby. Regulating it to oblivion is going to do far more damage than good, in my opinion.”