, Carroll County

, Maryland

, United States

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2020-02-13 18:59:13
“My best friend introduced me to FPV and took me 6 months to try it out. But once I tried it I was hooked. Not only did he help me learn how to build multirotor (FPV quads), but he helped me configure and troubleshoot any issues I had. This hobby has turned into an experience that now both of my sons at the time 7 and my other son 11( now 9 and almost 14). They have learned two fly FPV starting with small micro quads (tiny whoop), to 3″ FPV quad and 5″ FPV quad. Not only does this give the three of us quality time, my wife will join us and watch or take a walk. My boys get to learn responsibility of flying something, accountability if they break the quad. They are learning eye hand coordination, experiencing the feeling of flight, learning the basic mechanisms of what it means to put an object in the sky and land it as well as look for possible areas of concern (people walking, planes in the sky etc). I have taught my sons to fly low when we see and hear an aircraft in our area. We do this to assure there are no concerns of an in air collision. I have been told by other pilots that they have gotten over depression or some alcohol issue. Restricting what we do will ruin the hobby, people could potentially revert back to bad habits and for me takes one of the few things I can do with my sons away. To close, education is important. Restricting the skies the way it is being proposed will ruin the hobby. I think we can all get behind rules that make sense. But there are few if any of the proposed rules that make sense to the hobbyist or athlete who races quads.”