, Hillsborough

, New Jersey

, United States

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2020-02-22 18:51:08
“I started flying fixed wing RC in the 1970’s, after flying control line as a child. In the 1990’s I transitioned from glow power to electric, and everything I’ve flown in the last 25 years has been electric. I’ve been an AMA member for 30+ years, but I’ve never belonged to a club. All my RC flying since transitioning to electrics has been at parks, school fields, etc. About 3 years ago I discovered camera drones, and all of my flying since then has been high quality (DJI) drones. I’m a responsible pilot and I understand the logic and need for RID. I have no fundamental objection to RID. My objection is to the invasion of privacy associated with the system described in the NPRM. Fortunately, I’m able to afford the additional expense associated with RID. However, I strongly believe that RID data should be available only to law enforcement. Third party contractors and the general public have no business knowing who is flying what, or where. My final concern is not about me, since my most recent flying has been limited to drones. My final concern is that the proposed regulations will likely result in conventional RC being regulated out of existence. The thought that thousands of young people may never experience the joy of flying model aircraft is a very unpleasant one.”