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2020-02-15 23:11:55
“Like many, life is busy. So when I get to fly (flitefest only for the last 2 years), I don’t want to have to jump thru a bunch of hoops to go fly a wing or multi-rotor if I get a day to get out and fly. I have a drone business that is mostly comprised of working with a videographer doing weddings. The extra cost and aggravation will most likely either reduce my work or be passed on to a new couple. My AMA flying field is a 45 min drive and right now its hard for me to get there.. Most of the time I just fly at a soccer field owned by my church which is about a half mile from my house. There are many young pilots in the church that come to me for advice and tips and its nice to be able to take them out to that field and teach. I would hate to see legislation that will all but eliminate that opportunity and really have no bearing on how safe the air is. Truth is, making sweeping rules to try to curb the behavior of a few is never the right way to do something.”