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2020-02-13 23:55:36
“My name is Bob Chapman.I will keep this fairly brief.I am 58 years old and I have been flying model aircraft starting with free flight and control line back in the late 60’s.My preference is radio control and has been since 1980.I fly indoor foamies with my friends during the winter.The rest of the year outdoors flying everything I can.I belong to an AMA club the Kennebec Model aviators in Sidney Maine.Our club has a wide range of interests from park flyers up to 42% size gas airplanes.A few (me too) fly helicopters,quad copters and ducted fans as well.Last but not least Sailplanes to finish the list.Our larger ones being towed by large gas powered airplanes. We try to promote aviation any way we can. Yearly we work with the local civil air patrol cadets.Giving them some hands-on buddy box RC stick time.We have also shared our experience with some local schools doing demos and bringing flight simulators for the kids to fly.We have done demonstrations at the local Eaa chapter fly-ins at 2 of our local airports.Because of my skills developed at flying I have been invited to many flying events in the northeast and met some truly special people.It has been my privilege to be able to attend these events.One of my favorites has been the Owls head transportation museum.I love flying for the kids and putting a smile on their faces. One of my favorite memories was I met Ernie Huber at our MMCA expo we used to have.He is the model helicopter pilot that flew in the movie Blue Thunder and towering inferno.That was back in the day before CG existed.Ernie was a super nice guy.Listening to his stories left me feeling like a celebrity.He was a big inspiration for me and my flying. I fly at the club on weekends.During the week I fly at a friends field nearby or the local industrial park which is also where I taught myself to fly quite a few years ago.Those fields will be off limits I understand if the rule passes. I also fly full scale aircraft,Ultralights,hang gliders,paragliders,Powered paragliders. I have seen a reduction in aviation interest across the board from when I started till now. It seems much harder to get new people involved in the sport i Love so much.If we make it more complicated,more expensive and more difficult to find a place to fly we will be headed down a road that will mean our certain extinction. The trickle down effect of this will be added complexity/cost for the manufacturer.How long will they operate without making money.Where do we get gear then? I thank you for what you guys are doing.You are a much needed breath of fresh air to the hobby.I just hope and pray we can keep it for a while longer.”