, Murrells Inlet

, South Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-24 20:36:01
“I have always been interested in Aviation and Flight. While I am not a commercial pilot I served in the USAF for 24 years in the field of Aircraft Maintenance. Over that time I developed my love of aircraft and remote control aviation interests by flying at RC designated airfield sites located on some of the Military Installations I was assigned to. Using communications with the Airfield Tower we were able to fly safely and without incident and still enjoy our hobby at low cost and few restrictions. I have also been a member of the AMA however I currently live in an area where there is not an active club (at least as far as I am aware of) so I am currently not a member. I fly all types of RC aircraft including fixed wing and multi rotor but mostly aircraft I have built or assembled myself. While I realize the use of more technologically advanced remote controlled aircraft pose increased risk of injury and accident I also realize modern RC aircraft can also have more built in safety features that were not available several years ago. To that end I am more than happy to comply with whatever safety regulations the FAA imposes as long as they are 1. Unburden some and easy to comply with. 2. Require minimal cost to users. 3. Do not invade my privacy by requiring unnecessary registrations or subscriptions with third party services. My current method of determining a safe site to fly at involves using the b4ufly app on my cell phone and I also only fly in areas with very little ground traffic and population. I mostly fly at a local school field on weekends when not in session and always use a spotter. I hope that the FAA considers the impact of its proposed regulations and how it will adversely affect the small population of people like me who enjoy this hobby as well as the many small businesses and other people who make their livelihood with this hobby.”