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, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-19 10:15:20
“I’ve been flying RC models (aircraft & Quads/UAVs) for 56 YEARS (going back to TUBE transmitters!). Actual RC aircraft damage to property is VERY limited. Since the year 2000, there have been THOUSANDS of BIRD STRIKES which have damaged/downed private/commercial aircraft. In that same time period, little or no damage has been done by RC Aircraft, and NO private/commercial aircraft have been downed by a hobbyist. We DO NOT need MORE Government Bureaucracy … actually, LESS is needed. I also enjoy bicycling … what’s next? Will I have to register my bicycles and put an RF ID device on it so that I can be tracked no matter where I go? Automobiles, which cause over 50,000 deaths a year DO NOT REQUIRE an RF ID. Gun owners are not required to have RF ID built into their weapons/recreational firearms. The FAA proposals are a huge OVER REACH, and I’ve contacted my Congressman (Dave Joyce) and Senators (Rob Portman & Sherrod Brown) regarding the proposed rules. I don’t even have a “Data Plan” on my everyday cell phone … and the Government is going to demand I have one on my UAS/UAV viewing devices? I don’t think so!”