, West Virginia

, United States

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2020-02-22 23:02:51
“I really enjoy flying fpv and getting a whole new visual perspective of the areas I fly. It’s just flat out fun to build my own fpv kwad and compare notes with the fpv community on tips to get the kwads flying well. I’ve met some great people and made new friends all while doing something I truly enjoy and have done so safely for the entire few years I’ve been flying. I’m concerned that the new faa regulations will make the hobby as I know it impossible to continue. These drones are everywhere from film making to class rooms and I feel like it would be a shame to take that away. The proposed regulations are to complex, to privacy invasive, and just to overbearing for the fpv community and the hobby itself to survive. I understand that as both individuals, and a community we need to take people and their property’s safety very serious and be responsible in our flying choices. I understand that people have the right to be and feel safe and protected just as we should have the right to fly. To my understanding there’s already general rules and guidelines set in place such as don’t fly over traffic or people, seems pretty straightforward. What doesn’t seem straightforward is anything about the new regulations. With the new regulations where’s the future of this hobby? Where’s the innovation and hands on building in the classrooms for our youth? Where will they even be allowed to fly what they’ve built? What freedoms will we loose next? I really don’t want to see this hobby fade and would love to continue building and flying fpv kwads. I only hope that we can productively reach some kind of middle ground to keep fpv alive.”