, Bristow

, Oklahoma

, United States

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2020-02-15 23:32:32
“I got my first RC plane when I was in highschool. RTF, but I was too scared of crashing to really learn to fly. I grew up in the country and now have a place of my own with some land. Since HS, I’ve gotten a Mavic Pro (on the FT recommendation) and want to get into FPV with the tinywhoop and one of the FT starter kits so I can set up my own flying field on my land. I’m unsure if these regulations would affect me flying from my own private property, but I’m generally of the opinion that any government regulation is a bad thing, and I feel this could be the death of this hobby, possibly before I even have the chance to get into it again. I can kind of understand why they might feel the need to regulate the hobby, with advancements in at home fabrication tech, it’s possible to inexpensively make a low durability equivalent to early military drones. Good range, good payload, remote camera. Granted, to arm it, you’d be breaking existing laws, so I’m not sure what further regulation would do to prevent people from ignoring said regulations along with laws against arming a UAS.”