, Glendale

, Arizona

, United States

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2020-02-22 12:33:41
“Hello…hope everyone is having a great day. Why does flying matter to me? I love the excitement/adrenaline rush of flying fpv freestyle drones. Love being able to chat in our fpv groups about new Being part of a fpv community/hanging out with friends and making new ones. The personal satisfaction of building and programming the drones. It’s not just’s my kids too. I’ve gotten daughters into flying and they love it! It’s something different for them to do and a great learning experience for them. Possibly they’ll pass it along to their kids. All in’s good clean fun. Flying fpv is the best hobby I’ve ever had..I absolutely love it! I’d hate to see it taken away. Now my opinion on the big white DJI drones wth the camera mounted on the bottom. Those are the ones that need the remote ID. They are the ones violating restricted areas and causing problems. You can find plenty of the idiot DJI drone pilots on YouTube going up above the clouds and doing other stupid things. You won’t find one irresponsible fpv video. You’ll see we fly around trees and other fixed objects. Never around people or emergency situations.”