, South Africa

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2020-02-21 16:52:19
“I started flying to get away from my bullying troubles at school where I wasnt very popular, by starting out in the hobby with my uncle I met one of my best friends at a flying field, and am now much happier than I was I am able to have an outlet for all my frustrations in life and now be free when I pilot my pla or racing drone in the freedom that is flight. I live in South Africa where GPS and internet coverage is often poor at registered flying sites since they are so far out. The other day I lost my expensive pylon racer to a dsmx protocol failsafe as result of poor signal quality. If this had to happen to my recreational racing drone carrying equipment such as transponders that will potentially be more expensive than the craft itself, I will probably not be able to financially justify partaking in the hobby anymore. I am a senior high school student who is too busy studying in an advanced curriculum to be able to afford time for a well paying job, enough to afford this potential equipment required. Even though I am in South Africa, I can imagine that the same set of circumstances would ring true in the land of the free where I believe all should have the ability to be able to afford a release from struggles in life. The proposed FAA would create more of a struggle than what it would accomplish in trying to solve that struggle that they may face in terms of regulation. Also as up and coming business are popping up more and more frequently in my country, they still rely on the innovation of american and chinese companies alike. The proposed restrictions on the sale of individual components would also be detrimental to the R&D that is undertaken by american retailers in order to create the next big leap in customizability and feature sets that will push the hobby and other neighbouring technological fields to new era that will help raise the next generations of STEM and school pupils alike.”