, Michigan

, United States

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2020-02-26 0:33:07
“I’m a high school teacher in computer science, math, and robotics/engineering. As moderator of our school STEM club, using flight and fpv is a fantastic tool to get kids into learning about electronics and engineering of all kinds. I’m EXTREMELY concerned that with the new regulations, it will become completely infeasible for us to create and fly large numbers of aircraft without lots of expensive gear and cumbersome regulations. I really wanted to try to organize a club specifically dedicated to flight, and our school has plenty of private property, and we’ve gotten permission from the school to use it. Why then, should we be restricted from using it when it poses no risk whatsoever to the air traffic. I FULLY support the need for large and prebuilt UAS to have mandatory ID, but to require it for a 3-5″ quadcopter or foam airplane is just unnecessary burdens being placed on people who just want to enjoy the experience and sensation of flight on their own and or public land. Please reconsider the rules to allow me to pursue both my enjoyment of flight, as well as my efforts to get young people fired up about STEM fields through the experience that these harmless devices provide.”