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2020-02-14 2:55:22
“While studying geology in college, our field trips usually required sketching rock outcrops by hand and I thought using a drone to model the area would help with writing reports. I researched UAV mapping online then built a mapping drone using a 450mm diameter frame, pixhawk autopilot, and a cheap action camera. This was my first flying thing ever and I was very excited to have it all come together. I tested the setup at deserted fields and used photogrammetry software to stitch imagery collected by the action camera together into maps/models. Eventually I used the drone to analyze a rock outcrop for my senior thesis. I graduated in 2017, acquired my part 107 for commercial drone work, and started working full time for a UAV mapping company as a data processing technician. I love my job. I also fly FPV with my brother who is 11 years younger than me. I don’t see him much anymore so flying when we can is important to us. I’m concerned that the proposed regulations will make it difficult to fly our models.”