, Hickory

, North Carolina

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-22 22:13:08
“Flying is my passion, the ability to build and maintain aircraft, that are able to defeat the laws of gravity, to inspire myself and others to design and create machines that push the limits of what is possible in physics and engineering. These new proposals will severely detract and stifle the ability for everyone in this country to learn and experience flight at it’s fundamental level. which has been a catalyst for our technological superiority in fields of aerospace and communication. If kids and young people aren’t exposed to these ideas we will be less prepared for the future and we will lose the edge and lead that we enjoy over other nations both allies and enemies. If Someone wishes to go out in their backyard or pasture and fly on their private property who or what can stop them there have been no major incidents in all the years this technology has existed. Just because commercial interests want to control the airspace which they may never be able to truly or fully utilize. Remote ID does not make sense for manually controlled or operated aircraft you don’t need remote I.D. or a transponder for ultralight part 103 aircraft and they are actually capable of carrying substantial payload. In closing flying is a hobby and a way of life don’t let greed and over reaching government hurt our future how many Wright brothers or Howard Hughes, or Kelly Johnsons are out there waiting to Discover their love of flight what would the world look like today if they weren’t able to catch the spark from that young age with this easily accessible entry into aerodynamics that is scale and model aviation.”