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2020-02-14 16:45:47
“I submitted my comment earlier today. My personal statement was as follows: I fly a variety of different model types and disciplines. I did control line flying and model rocketry in my youth and within the past 6 years I have entered back into the hobby again. I have wide ranging interests and a background in engineering. I build mostly foam board based model aircraft of varying designs (including my own designs) and also fly some hobby store purchased planes. I also fly GPS equipped camera drones (DJI style) for aerial video, RC helicopters and First Person View (FPV) multirotors and aircraft as well. I have been active in getting my grandchildren (of both genders) interested in both RC flying and model rocketry. I am passionate about STEM as a way to make our youth much more well rounded and better able to understand the world around us. The current FPV multirotor community is a good example of where STEM is actively being pursued. A typical FPV craft involves learning to solder, program a flight controller, understand audio-video transmission, antenna theory and the simple mechanics of building the craft. Many FPV pilots also get their ARRL technician license to allow them to use different frequency ranges and power levels opening their mind to even more knowledge. * I really do feel that this would be a disservice to our youth to kill this hobby. I suspect that Flite-test and Adams Readi-board have done a great service in getting folks of all ages into the hobby. I have built and crashed more foamboard planes than I ever did with balsa in the past few years. A new airframe costs a few dollars (and my time), but it greatly reduces the cost of entering and continuing in the hobby for everyone. I have two or three new designs in process right now using foamboard. I joked to a colleague at work the other day when showing off one of my creations, that I have $50 worth of electronics flying around on a $1 piece of foamboard. I probably have more fun building and flying new ideas more than anything else.”