, Colorado

, United States

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2020-02-21 21:25:43
“I started as an amature drone enthusiast who knew nothing about electonics and knew nothing about how to build a drone or even solder simple wires together. Now, because of building and flying drones, I have the confidence to learn entire new skills and reach out into job opportunities I never had because I dont have a college degree. This hobby(FPV) as a whole has helped me to grow enormous amounts intellectually, and grow within a community that is supportive and extremely smart at what they do. If these current proposals go though then everything that ive grown to love about this hobby will be no less than completely destroyed. Education, Innovation, YouTubers, and much more will come to a screeching halt within the industry and many companies will become bankrupt from bad regulation while companies with lots of money continue to gulp up more money and release more regulation that will not reflect the views of the masses. Also who’s to say that anyone will comply? Most people in the hobby will suddenly become criminals breaking the law by simply chosing not to comply. Why are the Criminals? All we want to do is enjoy our free time on a Saturday afternoon. If this is how its going to be then lets regulate cars, bikes and really anything that involes fun because some butt head can profit off of it. End the proposals and just let us be. Jeez. If you were starving in a desert, money would get you nowhere but dead.”