, Rush Springs

, Oklahoma

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-21 20:59:10
“I have flown since 1975 on my Oklahoma ranch. I am at least a mile from any road or structure , I fly fixed wing and now a few tiny whoop drones . This regulation would prevent me from flying in private far from anyone except a few cows . I do believe if your going to fly beyond los then you may be subject to some form of remote ID . I do think the DJI type quads with the ability to fly beyond visual sight needs to be held in check but any restrictions shouldn’t prevent them from flying . If the solution to this type of flying is some sort of cheap and easy type of remote id , then that is fine .It shouldn’t just be a blanket regulation across the whole hobby. There are more flyers that will be hurt by this regulation than not . Just my thoughts . I don’t want any regulation that would prevent anyone in the hobby to fly responsible . ALLen”