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2020-02-27 1:16:06
“Flight is beauty, inspiration, joy, science, wonder, mystery, perspective and so much more. It is an integral part of nature and therefore man, his mind, and imagination. The thing that bothers me most about the FAA’s NPRM is there comments about FRIAS and how their language sounds very restrictive and corrosive towards FRIAS, particularly down the road not very far, where the FAA wants to be able to look around and not see any FRIAS anywhere. That side of this is particularly troublesome to me. It’s like a slap on the face to all RC modelers pilots aviation enthusiasts, the hearty and soul of aviation spat upon by the force that should provide or at least encourage growth, interest and appreciation of Aviation and flight. In this regard I am also concerned about the possibility that their might only end up being a few “super-frias” left scattered around the USA where only people who can afford to can pay the of course much higher dues thanks to the FAA attack and constantly having to defend even the super frias against attack which will come relentlessly until they are all gone, trust me. I am a full scale pilot, private, commercial, A&P for decades and this is the most unseemly attack on aviation roots. Here is a solution; LEAVE Existing AMA sites only and promote and help people establish other places to fly. Small airports FAA funded should be open to RC model aircraft like some of the cool ones are. Promote roots aviation do not stomp on it you are stomping on your own balls when you do that. Put popular flying sites on sectional charts like they have for decades so full scale pilots know where to fly over to check out the neat RC planes down below, like they always have. The Lance thing makes perfect sense people could simply use a n app to chow when they will be flying and where and and activity indicator shows up that pilots of full scale and anyone else can check out basically like you can track airline flights only no need for actual tracking data it would just show a shaded speck where the RC fun was going to be while it is active. If I can’t enjoy my freedom as I have harming nobody or nothing not breaking any laws of privacy or otherwise through this wonderful hobby which combines amazing beauty and technical know-how I will be lost and want to move away where peoples liberty’s are looked upon with such contempt as we see here.”