, Greenback

, Tennessee

, United States

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2020-02-22 13:49:52
“I started in the hobby in the late 60’s – mostly free flight at that time. I built my own radio (Heathkit 5 chan) around 1969 and have been involved in RC since. I got interested in flying full size and obtained my private license in 1980. I built an experimental aircraft (N566AJ) in 1992 and flew it from my farm. My grand kids are now interested in RC but I fear this will end the hobby for them. I fly mostly from my own strip and over my own property. I am in a rural area, and while I have cell coverage here, most places I fly my drone for shooting video are in the mountainous regions around me where there is no cell service and very few people. I can see where safety concerns would be a problem in urban areas, crowds and around certain class airspace, but to make this a blanket requirement for the entire RC community is ludicrous. This would greatly limit our pursuit of happiness, and isn’t that what this great country is all about! My days are about over for RC. I just hope our children can enjoy a lifetime of this hobby and the wonders that it can offer. I just don’t feel too optimistic. ?””