, Aurora

, Ohio

, United States

Posted on
2020-02-14 19:58:05
“I stated flying RC foam airplanes when I stated college as a way to relax and keep my self-occupied. I currently own five fixed wing airplanes and two multi-rotor. Three out of the five are Flite Test designs and the other are person scratch builds. I love flying my RC airplanes as it is a way to connect with a lot of different people and it also gives me an outlet when I have a rough day. I mostly fly with my family as both my cousin and uncle have RC foam airplanes. I usually fly in the evenings at my old high school or at a community park when there is no one else around. It is hard to explain what flying RC foam airplane feels like, you feel peaceful and relaxed no problems in the world. I have also shown middle-schooler my airplanes and quad-copter as a way to get them excited about STEM/engineering. I person am a mechanical engineer which is why I love building RC foam airplanes and showing other what you can build with foam. I believe it is important for someone to have a hobby because it makes us who we are. The remote IDs would case a lot of limitations on the RC hobby. One would be where you can fly because you would need an internet connection. Another is the space and cost of the remote ID units, a lot of our planes/multi-rotors do not have the space. I believe there are other ways to keep track of this information like using your cell phone location or an app rather then something on you plane. We could also create a Bluetooth device which would be a lot smaller and easier to use/make. I know if we all work together we can come up with the best solution!”