, Athens

, Georgia

, United States

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2020-02-23 13:51:34
“Hi, I’m Adam. For a long time, I have had an addiction, and it controlled my life and made me depressed. There wasn’t really an escape for me. I tried different many different things to help distract me or aid in overcoming the addiction but even after I stopped, I still felt trapped. On YouTube I stumbled upon some videos of FPV drone flying and I wanted to try it. Eventually around Christmas time, I pulled the plug and decided I would buy parts to build an FPV freestyle drone. This experience was incredible; I found a new passion and felt like myself again after years of my addiction. Building and flying drones filled the void that my addiction had created. It wasn’t just something fun to do, but rather became an activity that helped me learn about programming, electronics, soldering, material properties, and precision craftsmanship. Eventually I got my little brother and my father into the FPV scene as well and it helped bond us together as a family. I don’t want this passion of mine to be taken away, and I can’t imagine the effect of not being able to do what I enjoy most right now being ripped away from me without my control. Please consider the effects these new laws will have on every day hobbyists such as myself and my brother and father, as well as the educations of new generations.”