, Painesville

, Ohio

, United States

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2020-02-13 19:18:41
“Hi, My name is Adam Carbone and I am facinated by the hobby of Aviation with RC vehicles. Being about 12 years old (2-3 years ago in 2018), I was so facinated by rc vehicled like cars and other vehicles and then I stated seing large models of cars which led me to the first video I have ever seen of a RC plane which was upscaled Airliners. Because of this, I ended up finding your channel after watching enough RC plane videos and I have been a part of your community since. I ended up getting my first plane about two years ago during the summer and it was a Hobbyzone Cub S (Small) and it was a beginner trainer plane with auto stabalization. Then I realized how much more powerful a plane could be with brushless motors as well as being bigger and I watched the $5 golf folding plane video which was the final thing that pushed me over the edge to start trying to get new electronics. In late 2019-2020, with some of my money and christmas gifts, I was able to do all of the research for parts that I needed and I finally started to commit to trying to build this plane. So shortly after my research, I started to obtain all of the neccissary electronics needed to make the plane that I wanted to build. I wanted the first plane that I build to be something that I remembered as well as something that I can swap the parts out on so that I can make other airplane bodies without having to buy more expensive electronics such as transmitterm reciever, batteries, motors/esc’s, and etc. I am currently build the second plane that I will ever own and it is mostly 3D printed. I commented on your guys’s Instagram and you seemed to see it. I told you guys that I was excited to go to my first flight fest and that I was building a Boeing 747-8 to bring to the event. As of right now I am building the plane and obtaining a few more parts/electronics and I really hope to fly and show you guys my creation before some FAA guidlines stop me from being able to fly this in a way I normally would go out and fly. I want to be able to go out to most open fields and be able to fly without any complications with airspace and other things. I hope that there is a way to show the FAA what you have been telling others about the hobby in almost every video you have ever posted such as how it brings people together and allows kids to be creative and the amazing things like that. Good luck on your guys’s trip to DC and thank you for giving my the opportunity to share my story and thoughts with you. Love you guys (FliteTest)!! -Sincerely, Adam Carbone”