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2020-02-13 21:28:34
“Hi, Not sure you will read this. I am one of those “disabled vets” you mentioned in the video. I served in the Marine Corp from 1996-2008 with 2 combat tours to Afghanistan. I was a flying crewchief on the CH46E and MV22B tiltrotor with combined 2000sh flight hours. Unfortunately I was injured in a helicopter mishap in 2006.. They let me try to recover fir 2 years but couldn’t get back to passing a flight physical so they retired me…I have insane migraines and back issues all from the multiple concussions specifically the last 2 and the mishap. I’m bed ridden 2-3 days a week with blinding migraines and a feeling of my head exploding. I say all this to paint a picture for you of what my life is like now. Not going to lie it’s rough. However!! Along with my wife and 7 year old daughter, FPV has saved my life!! The ptsd depression anxiety night terrors insomnia is crippling on top of the migraines but FPV is the only thing that has brought joy to my life again other then my wife and daughter. I started FPV 3 years ago. It forces me to get out and socialize with people it forces me to not isolate it forces me to MOVE…it’s made me a better father a better husband and a better human being. It’s honestly indescribable the joy it has brought to my life. It takes my mind off all the shit in my head that has terrorized me since 2006…I honestly don’t know what I will do if FPV is taken from me and I promise you this is not an exaggeration this is all from my heart. Being on a fixed income isn’t easy but I am able to enjoy FPV fairly cheaply and Being able to build my own drone along with my 7 year old daughter is heaven to me and I need as much heaven as I can get because I’ve been to hell and back..Truly this proposal hurts honest SAFE pilots. Their will always be the 10% that will do as they please regardless of a law or not. That’s my story and I appreciate you guys fighting the good fight. You have my support and respect. Please feel free to share this..Oh I also support common sense regulations and recognize we do need some kind of clearer guidelines that are reasonable and fair and I believe we can achieve that. Adam USMC/Retired 1996-2008”