, Canada

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2020-02-13 20:31:54
“I’ve always been fascinated with flight and aircraft of all designs. Being a private pilot has always been a dream, but it is financially out of reach. RC aircraft were the perfect solution. I’ve also struggled all my life with addiction, and after deciding to be sober for myself and my family I needed a hobby to occupy my time and my mind. I am so at peace when I’m flying (unless the ground is approaching too quickly!). My mind is focused on the aircraft, be it a multi-rotor, fixed wing or helicopter. Seeing something I’m piloting travel through the sky is my therapy. Even the simple tasks of centering servos, programming my transmitter, or attaching a new propeller are so valuable to keeping my mind at peace. Having my children watch my fly, ask questions, and cheer when I grease a landing is more intoxicating than anything else. I am eager to hand them the controls when they are a little older, and pass this incredible hobby down. My only flying location is my parents rural farm. It’s away from all people, vehicles and buildings. This means it is also away from internet connectivity.”