, Oregon

, United States

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2020-02-24 13:29:30
“Flying has been the primary medium in which my relationship with my father has been formed. Aviation is the inspiration for my creativity in a wide range of subject matter. The freedom it gives, and represents is paramount to the culture of the United States. My Father was a private pilot, and we flew together. My introduction to the sky has been a motivational force my entire life. Growing up with little money, we adopted model aviation over full scale in my teen years. The community was welcoming and the technology was challenging but manageable. This was nitro 2-stroke airplanes in the late 90’s. It has since become more tech burdened in areas like FPV. This has been a greater challenge, but the sensation of freedom with First Person View has uncountable effects on mental health and has yet again sparked new connection with my father as I’ve now taken the lead to teach him to fly FPV quadcopters. The ease of the ability for the civilian population to participate in aeronautical education, invention, and recreation is key to public and family health. Thank You for hearing my story. -Aaron Garmon”