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2020-02-19 12:55:44
“I am a model builder and flyer. I have been flying models for 10 years. Models have given me an understanding of aeronautics and engineering. Also, I am a student pilot, almost ready to take my Private Pilot check ride. Because of model aviation, I am pursuing a career in aviation. Regulating model aviation would not help commercial aviation’s current lack of personnel. Also it is an activity that, due to recent advances in battery and motor technology, can be accessed by even the lowest income bracket. Therefore, it can provide a motivation to teens, who, would be candidates for involvement in gangs or drug use. In my personal opinion we shouldn’t be regulating model aviation, but encouraging it. However, there should be some simple regulations, because like all good things, it can be used for bad. Regulations should encourage experimental class aircraft. Also, remote I.D. would be useful on out of line of sight, large, or high altitude aircraft that operate outside the current regulations. A simple, online test for pilots and builders would be useful. And education of the public should be a large part of the rule-making. Simple pamphlets included with ready-to-fly models. Educational videos that explain the rules. Cooperation with large model associations and companies. Large contests encouraging participation that involve the public. ### Model aviation can be used for a lot of good if it is not regulated out of existence. It is historically a very safe, clean, fun, hobby. The model community has always been very good with self-regulation. However, times are changing and we need to be careful and cooperative with each other, and come up with a good set of practical rules that encourage education, and safety.”