FTCA Member Perks Explained

FTCA Perks

The perks of being a member of the FTCA are nothing short of amazing. Both classes of membership get the benefit of enjoying their own special perks for their class, but also the perks from the previous class. The perks that each member will receive will vary month-to-month, with each month revealing its own unique surprise. Following are a few descriptions of some of the perks:


Once you become a member of the FTCA you will receive a Starter Package containing perks that make your FREE membership worth the money. In the Starter Package you will receive the following:

  • A unique welcome video
  • A printable membership certificate
  • A one-time $5 discount from the FT Store on shipping

Along with the Starter Package you will receive other perks such as:

  • Updates about the industry when they come available
  • CBO membership (when recognized)
  • Access to special FTCA content/product
  • Access to obtain select FT build plans*
  • Access to fly at FTCA FRIAs
    • These FRIAs will be established throughout the country and provide the members of the FTCA controlled areas in which they can participate in accordance with group requirements and FAA regulations.

Having the opportunity to receive these perks and participate at an approved FTCA Flite Field, are some of the greatest benefits of the FTCA membership.


Being a member of the FTCA Aircrew brings a wider range of rewards than that of the Spectator. Below is a list of perks that each member of the Aircrew can anticipate receiving, in addition to the perks of the previous class:

Recognized annually at Flite Fest

  • Each year at Flite Fest, all FTCA Aircrew members will be recognized as honored guests of the event. It is no secret that the membership of the FTCA will make us what we want to be in the hobby, and we want to publicly recognize that within the model aviation community. 

Access to obtain select build plans at a discount

  • Periodically new build plans will be released for members, and when released the Aircrew will get a 50% discount of the normal price.*

Access to challenges and experiences

  • It is our desire to have special challenges and experiences in the future that test the skills and talents of our membership. The challenges and experiences are intended to promote growth in the hobby through connecting around a common task. The relational value is really the focus in these challenges, but there will be their own rewards that are associated with the challenges and experiences.

FT Event discounts

  • As a partner with the FTCA, Flite Test will be hosting events throughout the calendar year and will give exclusive discounts to FTCA Aircrew members.

Access to exclusive products (coming soon)

  • There will be unrestricted access to exclusive products offered in the future by the FTCA. 

Exclusive Vendor, Event, and services discounts

  • There will be a wide variety of discounts that will be updated monthly from Sponsors and Partners of the FTCA. These discounts will range from store discounts to discounts on services and events provided by our supporters. 

It is our goal to exceed your monthly contributions with the perks offered. The estimated yearly value of the discounts for the Aircrew will easily exceed $240 if exercised.

*These build plans will be solely for the purpose of recreational use and may not be used in any form or fashion for resale or financial profitability.