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What can I do?

Please click “Take action” above to send a comment to FAA by March 2nd, 2020. Also fill out the survey, which will help put numbers behind our advocacy efforts.

Is the hobby in danger?

While the Hobby is safe, the new requirements may make it considerably less accessible – especially for kids, students, teachers, scratch builders and innovators. We will make sure to develop and carry a diversified number of products, that will be exempt by design.

What are the risks?

The new requirements may either: be difficult or impossible to implement on certain models; require expensive equipment and monthly data plans; or limit where people can fly (CBO flying fields).

What is the purpose of these changes?

To assist FAA and law enforcement identify drones that appear to be flying in an unsafe manner, or do not have clearance to fly in certain areas.

Will I be affected?

Yes if any apply: you fly aircrafts heavier than 250g / .55lbs; you fly for non-recreational purposes; you build your own model aircraft;

What is happening?

The Federal Aviation Administration has submitted a proposal that would require Unmanned Aircrafts to have the ability to broadcast identification information, which can be received by law enforcement and in part by the general public.